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Toddler Care

We know that children learn best in the environment within small groups. Throughout our Toddler Classrooms at Little Believer’s, we enhance a child’s learning experience by maintaining small groups daily. Each of our classrooms has a maximum enrollment number of four children.


Within our daily program, we focus our approach on the care and education of your child. Our toddler curriculum centers on connections and relationships where adults can respect and respond to your child’s cues and interests. The caregiver and teacher will form an in-depth understanding of the children and their families.


Promoting growth in all area’s of your toddler’s development is incorporated into the day. Caregivers and teachers provide experiences with art, dramatic play, science discovery, exercise, language and literacy, and math.  Toddlers are developing their strong sense of independence and many opportunities are provided for them to learn this. The caregivers and teachers will work closely with families to introduce, encourage, and practice new skills.


Little Believer’s values time spent outdoors and in a natural play environment. An area for outdoor toddler exploration is an important part of your child’s learning experiences.